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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chance Cavello, who is loved by so many. Chance took his own life on March 10, 2004. For all of you out there who may choose this way, please don't. If you think life isn't worth living, talk to someone please. Chance was born November 27, 1986. He was my only son, his mother is Connie Haynes, and he has two sisters, Cari (23 years old) and Chanel (16 years old). He loved to hunt and just being out in the wild. His love for wrestling was just unreal. His life goal ever since he was a child was to go into the army. He was always running around in camoflouge and hiding in the woods. He was such a kind person. After his death there were so many of his classmates coming up to me and telling me how he helped them out all of the time. Chance you are missed by so many, if you only knew how many people loved you, things might be different. Until we meet at some other time, I love you, Dad. We will remember you forever. 

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
Wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go
See your smile, I see your face
I hear  you laughing in the rain
Still can't believe your gone

It ain't fair you died to young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All that I've been through
Just knowing, no one could take your place
Sometimes, I wonder, who you'd be today

Would you see the world
Would you chase your dreams
Settle down with a family
I wonder what you'd name your babies
Someday's the sky's so blue
I feel like I can talk to you
And I know it might sound crazy

It ain't fair you died to young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All that I've been through
Just knowing, no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be today

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
The only thing that gives me hope
Is I know, I'll see you again someday
Someday, someday

Hi Dad, it's me, Chance
Keep looking up at the stars, I watch over you every night.

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Cowboy In Me

I don't know why I act the way I do
Like I ain't got a single thing to lose
Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

I got a life that most would love to have
But sometimes I still wake up fightin' mad
At where this road I'm heading down might lead
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

The urge to run, the restlessness
The heart of stone I sometimes get
The things I've done for foolish pride
The me that's never satisfied
The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

The urge to run, the restlessness
The heart of stone I sometimes get
The things I've done for foolish pride
The me that's never satisfied
The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

Girl I know there's times you must have thought
There ain't a line you've drawn I haven't crossed
But you set your mind to see this love on through
I guess that's just the cowboy in you

We ride and never worry about the fall
I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too.
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
All I have are memories and pictures in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part
God has you in his keeping but I have you in my heart.

Tributes and Condolences
Would of loved to have known you   / Sharon Foor
Chance, I have heard so much about you that I feel I know you. I know that you are loved and missed by everyone that loves you. I only regret I didn't have the chance to get to know you. You are in my thoughts.
where did the time go ?   / Chanel (sister <3 )
life is crazy bubby. six years ? it seems just like yesterday but it's been so long just know that i am missing you more than anybody else i can promise you that growing up without you is hard real hard but i can do it.      ...  Continue >>
hey chance   / Danielle Vasquez (friend)
hey chance i just wanted to let you know that i really really miss you! it was nice visiting you when i came up from tennessee this past july. i had to stop and see you one last time before i left state again. ill come and visit again soon hopefully....  Continue >>
   Hey dude really do miss you.I know you had problems,but problems can be fixed.I once told you that ther is two roads in life one good one and the one less travled,you chose the one less travled.WHY..I have never told no one else that.You...  Continue >>
Hey Man   / Seth (Friend)
Hey Chance, Its me, Seth.  I know we didn't know each other all to well, but i guess it was well enough. That everytime I think of you, I can't help but cry and feel such a tremendous pain.  I looked up to you so much as a kid, whether it ...  Continue >>
Always there  / Emily Thomas (friend)    Read >>
bummed. / Chanel (sister)    Read >>
My dream  / Tyler Wagers     Read >>
Miss you  / Dad     Read >>
just something random :)  / Chanel. (sister)    Read >>
merry christmas.  / Chanel Joy :) (little sister )    Read >>
missing you like alwayassss.  / Chanel (hes my big brother:) )    Read >>
Father's Day  / Rosemary Sis Of Alvin Cremeans     Read >>
A Memorial Day tribute  / Rosemary Sis Of Alvin Cremeans     Read >>
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His legacy
Why I wrestle  

I have to cut pounds; my cage is my weight,
I love wrestling so that is my great fate.

Trying to cut the weight is not fun at all,
By sweating and running in the school hall.

Not even being able to eat,
Just hoping for that big`ol piece of Pete
Its sucks always having to sprint and run,
While others are out having so much fun.

With the oh so great food packed in the fridge, 
Sometimes you wish you could jump off a bridge.

Your tiny stomach full of great hunger,
For the big fear I won't be under.

I don't go out on a court and eat cake,
Man o man what I would to for a steak.

All I know the is the sight I adore,
Are wrestling mats from door to door.

Although I don't have to diet alone,
I have support from my family at home.

Our wrestling program is greatly feared,
Our opponents walk off the mat half teared.

The goal this year is to be number one,
It's all worth it when dad says great job son.

When I am competing down at state,
I know Chance is watching at Heavens gate.

Why I wrestle,you'll never understand,
That is until the ref raises my hand.


For Everyone's Friend
Today,the day is here.
When our good friend is no longer near.
Everyone is extremely sad,
Some even very mad.
No one will ever know why,
Our good friend would want to die.
He gave us so many laughs and smiles.
Especially with his funny cowboy styles.
And even though he was different than you and I,
it is still very hard to say that last good-bye.
And even though there's an ache in our hearts.
We know we will never really part.
For we still have all the memories and happy days.
That we will cherish in every way.
One day we will meet our friend once more.
And have new memories in store.

                                                             Alain Hubbard

Wrestling Season  

The wrestling team should be really tough, 
But before season starts, we cut everyone's muff.

Once pratice starts up all work hard,
No one every lets down their guard.

The assistant coach is Matt DominiQue,
He shows us all great technique.

The captain of the team is C.C,
 He usually pratices and lifts with me.

In a month of Febuary NOL starts,
Our team should win cuz we have heart.

We won the league last year to stop Bellevue's streak,
The team hopes to win again so we can repeat.

Toward the end of Febuary is when the state tourney comes,
That's when C.C and I show we aren't bums.

There's others on the team who will do just the same,
Cause we're all just that good,who can you blame?

The match is over and we stand as the victor,
In our eyes there's no great picture.

We take our state medals, C.C. and I
Along with all the other Willard guys/

We are state champs, our goal is complete,
Our team has accomplished the hardest feat.

Now as we walk away with glee,
You can hear us chant CAC (Chance Anthony Cavello)

                                                               Travis Salyer

        Still the last sad memory hovers around,and sometimes drifts across like floating mist,cutting off sunshine and chilling the remembrance of happier times.There have been joys to great to be described in words,and there have been griefs upon which I have not dared to dwell,and with these in mind I say.(Choices) Choices may destroy the happiness of a lifetime.Do nothing in haste,look well to each step,and from the beginning think what may be the end..............................
I need to say goodbye although you're with us
We stand beside your grave knowing you are here
We miss you terribly and hope you miss us
You were and are an will be, just as ever
In many minds and hearts, not only mine
And so goodbye does not mean you are gone
So long as we still love you, you live on

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
They say I should move on, but tell me where, where
Where the moments that we have shared
Moments of hunting, fishing, wrestling and just
moments of father and son
Now the hardships really begun
We love you,


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